while being the part of the bra that holds things up, and hold women who wear them down, is also a quite delicious part of a deer.

Driving back from a fruitless (well, fungiless, if we’re getting technical), quest for the Mighty Morel, what looked like a tumbleweed but turned out to be a beautiful little deer was flung to the side of the road by an erstwhile minivan as it crossed looking for greener grass, no doubt.  With visions of venison, we grabbed her and spent an afternoon swatting flies and learning the ins and outs, quite literally, of butchering a roadkill deer. This is what I learned:

1. Montana is a rad state, because it is no longer illegal to harvest road kill, so in retrospect we didn’t actually commit a crime.
2.  Do not put the carcass in the back of a truck with 3 dogs whose sole motivation in life is food,
3. If the impact has burst the internal organs, its still all good because its really only poop if it gets to the intestines.  If its still in the stomach, its just half-digested grass, right? Rinse all meat well, repeat as necessary.
4. Once the hide is removed, a process easier said than done, stretch the hide out, stake it down, and salt it to prevent rot.  Do not let aforementioned dogs lick all the salt off the hide or they will become so thirsty they will have to drink a their weight in water to compensate and then will pee in the house, more than once probably.
5. Be aware that a field full of deer blood is a buffet to a bear.
6. Flies love a good carcass.
7. The Joy of Cooking, 1979 edition (same year as my Subaru Brat), has excellent pointers for this process, as well as pointers on processing armadillo and possum.
9. Venison has more protein than mushrooms, anyway.

So, yeah, this happened,



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