Christmas hangover


I have been slowly waking up the past few days – staggering around bleary eyed, my mouth tasting of soured Christmas Cheer, myrhh (which tastes surprisingly like bad gin) and pine tree, I still find myself blurting (well, rasping, really) “Merry Christmas!” to drooping tables of families tired of being around each other, but Grandpa’s flight doesn’t leave till Sunday afternoon.  The house looks like the set of the Little House on the Prairie Christmas Special after the filming of the “Great Blizzard of ’09″ scene, or a C(tastefully decorated) UPS shipping facility, and there’s not a dish in the house that isn’t sticky with eggnog or the remains of the sugar cookie decorating party that happened two weeks ago.  Moose has finally eaten enough of the dried out pine needles forever ground into the carpet that they don’t really make her sick anymore, and I am still so greasy from that Christmas goose that even my hair is looking a little lank.    

This time of year – that period when we all have but a mere week to think up lots of life changing yet unrealistic goals, often based on poor life choices that were made in the spirit of the Christmas season (for example, my New Years resolution is to never eat goose again), it is important to remember those warm memories and love for all man kind that we brimmed with before Christmas.  Lets be nice to our neighbors still, and still don’t honk at that girl floundering on the ice in the intersection (you know who you are), and still be generous with hugs, and still wear rhinestones and tacky gold broaches, and still listen to Nat King Cole, and still don’t tip $2.75 on a $57.25 breakfast bill (you know who you are too) and still like the way snow looks even when its the same snow that’s been on the ground since November and now its March, and still make an effort to hang out with our families, and still put cinnamon on everything.  

So, the tree will stay up until the new year, to remind me of that already fading Time of Brightness and Light, where I felt the love of 1000 angels, and also because it’s hiding the sap streaks (yet another benefit of having a live tree) I’m putting off cleaning that have been solidifying on the wall over the last month.


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