Friday Reflections

Being a fan of lists, reflections (in mirrors and otherwise), and routine, I will be posting a similar post to this every Friday.  Please enjoy this quick peep into my week.

Things I like
-Moroccan red clay facial masques with turmeric, buttermilk, Vitamin E, and Primrose.
-Turning our new bedroom into a sheik’s paradise.  I’ve always wanted to utilize draperies to their fullest potential, and I finally have had the opportunity.  Now I just want to lie amongst the pillows and have Aaron read Arabian Nights out loud to me, which isn’t really his style.
-Flourless chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, creme de cassis glazed raspberries, and espresso whipped cream.  Thank you, Barefoot Contessa, you have forever changed my life, and my waistline.  Both for the better, of course.
Death by Chocolate
-Autumn creeping in.  I’ve realized there is no great cliche or old adage for the fact that the seasons are transitioning from summer to fall.  I can say “spring has sprung”, but I can’t say “Fall has fallen”, so I’ve settled for “Autumn is all up on us”.
-Barbecues and pickling parties.
-hair makeovers
-that I actually  have a bathtub for the first time in 6 months.  I’ve been taking so many baths there’s already a ring of doom around the tub, I’m persistently pruney, and the tub is so slick from bath oil that it’s a health hazard everytime Aaron tries to shower.

One thing I don’t like

The concept of saying “my friday”, or “my monday”.  Really,  it’s pretty egocentric to declare it “your” Friday, since it’s my Wednesday (and everyone else’s who ascribes to the idea that we should just go ahead and stick with the Latin derived days of the week that people have been using since the Roman empire).  Although you never know,  perhaps good old Nero realized that he was beheadings and city burnings free for the next two days, and thus declared that his “Dies Veneris”, had officially begun.  Lets take it back even farther..pretty sure Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty, love, and sex, and the inspiration for Friday, the Day of Venus, didn’t decide to block two days off every week from being sexy and lovable and tell all her love-lorn worshippers that it was her friday and she was out of the office till Dias Lunae.
At base, I shy away from setting my internal clock by the capitalistic monster that is the American work week, separating 5 days of hell with a day of yard work and then a day of church-going.  I work when I have to, reflect and meditate on the esoteric when I have the opportunity (4:30 am bike rides to work are great for this), and fill the rest of my time with meaningful experiences that make the time I do spend at work worth it, including but not limited to; good books, great snacks, long walks, and lots of tea.  I will never live to work, and as long as I’m not forced into a situation where I have to work to live, I feel like I’ve got a pretty sweet system worked out.   When it really comes down to it, they’re all hump day to me, but seeing as how it actually is after 5 on a Friday. I hope all you folks lucky enough to have the Coveted Work Week look down upon us unfortunate ones with favor, and rain many tips down upon us as I feed you and yours copious amounts of food in exchange for at best meager tips this weekend at the restaurant.