Greetings from the land down under

and by down under I am referring to the fact that I am currently down under two blankets and some patagonia fleece pants and am still quite chilly.  Welcome to winter, we’re glad you’re here.   

I’ve missed you, faithful followers.  It has been nigh on 2 months since I’ve penned a blog post, and that makes me feel like I’m being neglectful.  I’d like to say many swashbuckling adventures on the high seas have happened in my life since you’ve last heard from me, but my experiences of the past weeks can be summed up in one long, somewhat run-on sentence.  ”Emily wrote a 25 page paper, longed to wander in the mountains, served hundreds of over-easy eggs to a similar number of churlish, scrambled customers, ate some excellent polenta, was very cold, and then broke her teeth off.” With such an exciting, fast-paced life these days, its so important to find joy in the small things, like the fact I have a 98% in my first ever graduate class (once a nerd, always a nerd, I’ve heard tell), and the way I used churlish a minute ago, and the way I took this panoramic picture of The Roost, as I have taken to calling my house, and it looks topsy turvy. 


When it comes down to it, life is what you make of it.  Perhaps I will leave you with a new twist on my life of the past two months, “Emily wrote the beginnings of a novel, used it as an excuse to not brush her hair, daydreamed of future backpacking trips while serving organic, local eggs to lucky customers, ate some excellent polenta, and celebrated autumn by falling.”  As a wise, red-haired man once said, “If life gives you a dilemma, you make dilemmonade.” I tried to make the dilemmonade regarding my teeth a little sweeter by requesting a gap between my two front incisors when they were patched up, but the dentist politely refused..